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Hormonal balance for women at any stage of their life. Libido-stimulant, with phytoestrogens and adaptogens.

Introducing Crone's Throne, a blend of herbs carefully selected to promote hormonal balance in women at any stage of their life. This formula contains ingredients such as mullein root, shatavari and don quai, which are rich in phytoestrogens and support estrogen production in the body. Nettle root acts as a natural estradiol regulator, while roses, tulsi and motherwort nourish the uterus and have aphrodisiac properties. Additionally, this tincture is known to relieve cramps and stimulate libido. Get Crone's Throne and discover its benefits for your hormonal and sexual well-being!

Ingredients: mullein root, shatavari, dong quai, nettle root, roses, tulsi, motherwort, and 40% alc vodka.

Instructions for use: Take 30 drops once or twice a day before or after meals. For women at any stage of their life.

Contraindications: Consult your doctor or herbal practitioner before beginning treatment. Dong quai can increase menstrual flow.

Tinctures are extracts of medicinal plants made from alcohol. Each of these tinctures was handcrafted, with certified organic plants, songs, quartz, moonlight and prayers infused for their highest potential. For best results, when taking these tinctures visualize what you want to heal.

Crone's Throne

  • Due to its nature, exchanges or returns are not accepted once the product has been delivered.

  • Keep out of light, in a dark, dry and cool space, preferably no more than 25°C. Shake the product before use, shelf life of 2 years. If the product is not used after this period, it will begin to have a bitter taste, which can be solved by adding a little alcohol (40%) to the formula.


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