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Visual Bobinsana Meditation

I was honored to commune with this tree in the Amazon Rainforest under the guidance of my curandero friend Wexa Metsa. Bobinsana grows on the mountain side among the river banks, growing as tall as 6 meters high. She teaches us about LOVE in every sense of the word. She's a master plant that challenges us to integrate the light and healing that we so intensely ask for, stretching our capacity to feel, give and receive love. Bobinsana reminds us to be gentle with ourselves while also being strong in our energy center.

In this post I invite you to meditate on Love, through the healing spirit of Bobinsana:

  • Shake your hands a bit with the intention of cleansing them from any electric energy, you can rub them together and then shake them again, bringing warmth to your hands, when you feel ready place your hands to your chest.

  • Keeping your hands in your chest start whispering your full name to yourself. Feel the frequency of your voice and the vibration of your name in your body, starting from your feet, legs, chest, arms and hands, and all the way to your head.

  • Be specifically inclusive on feeling the back of your body, this activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which provides a calm and neutral state of mind.

  • When you feel ready, I invite you to inquire into these questions:

How am I loving myself, if not here and now, and through my body?

What is my body needing right now?

If I'm not able to provide what I need, can I communicate that to my body in a compassionate way?

  • You could have suddenly realized that you were feeling thirsty, or that you needed a stretch or a long nice breath or two, or even a dance break! Sometimes we're not able to provide ourselves with what we need and we can ask for help and support to another.

  • After you provide your body (and not your mind) what it needs I invite you to take some deep breaths and look at the image below. Stand up on your feet, be grounded, feel strong, and open your arms to your self-love.

Bobinsana mandala
Image by Pachamagic®

" The winds may blow, life might change its course, waters may rise or drop below, but we still dance through it all. The light of love shines through our ability to feel, ground and rise above."

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