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Old Man Sitting

Donald Zangi

"Mariana evaluated me for Kambo, informed me of the benefits and contraindications, and guided me through the safety guidelines throughout the whole process; before, during, and after the Kambo ceremony.
I was a bit nervous the day of the ceremony but Mariana with much compassion and further conversations eased my mind. She couldn't stress enough the importance of the intention with the medicine. I won't get into details but my difficult issue was thoroughly healed. So if you hear the call of the frog see Mariana shaman.
Thank you Kambo and Mariana, thanks to you I'm a new person."

Casual Photography

Rafaela Furtado

"I am very grateful for the Kambo ceremony that I've done with Mari as at that moment I was feeling a lot of stagnant energy within me. Mari is a loving being that carries this medicine with her heart. She held a very safe container where I felt fully embraced and comfortable going through my purging and healing process Simultaneously she was guiding my inner journey with her powerful ancient voice helping me to stay present and grounded.
At the end of the session, I felt lighter, clear, more connected to my center, and reactivated."

Laughing Man

Max Oviedo

"The Kambo medicine with Mariana helped me a lot with a skin problem I had, plus the purge I had in the two sessions we had helped me feel very energetic and happy. My body and soul were revitalized.
Mariana has an energy that made me feel calm so that the medicine would do what it had to do, in addition to containing the ceremony, that always made me feel safe. The body speaks for itself and in those sessions I could see it. I was also given all the necessary instructions and safety notices."

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