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Unifies, integrates and balances the physical, emotional and mental body.

Increases clarity and mental focus, keeping the nervous system relaxed and the body grounded. Relaxing, nervine tonic and antidepressant. 


Ingredients: Motherwort, albizia, skullcap, gotu kola, horsetail, vodka 40% alc.
How to use: Take 1 full dropper (15 drops) 3 times a day, between meals, or when presenting symptoms of anxiety or lack of focus. 

Contraindications: consult your doctor or herbal practitioner before starting a treatment with medicinal plants. Contraindicated in pregnant or lactating people.


Tinctures are extracts of medicinal plants made on an alcohol basis. Each of these tinctures was handcrafted, with certified organic plants, chants, quartz, moonlight, and prayers impregnated for their highest potential. For best results, visualize what you want to heal when taking these tinctures.


  • By its nature, changes or returns are not accepted once the product has been delivered.

  • Keep out of light, in a dark, dry and cool space, preferably no more than 25°C. Always shake the product before using, shelf life of 2 years. If the product is not used after the first year, it will begin to have a bitter taste, which is solved by adding a little alcohol (40%) to the formula.

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